Writers can have a hard time handing their fledgling story to someone else in order to help shape it into something more polished. They worry that what they get back won’t be their story any longer. And that’s understandable. They’ve worked hard on it for what could be years. And any good editor understands that.

Better Version aims to live up to its name, working with you to make your story its absolute best. With services ranging from developmental editing  to proofreading, whatever you need is covered.

Now, you may ask, what about these confessions?

1. We want your book to succeed just as much as you do. Happy writers help keep the lights on.
2. Our priority is helping develop and polish your work so that your voice comes through clearly, your story told the way you intend it.
3. Every story is a portal to another world, transporting the reader into your imagination. We want to help make that accessible to as many as possible.

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